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wonderworkssvcs2-croppedChosen is the first book of the Chosen Series which takes place 150 years into the future. Earth is a changed place where the seeds of corporate greed and government corruption have finally allowed those who’ve held power, money, and control for millennia to leverage that power to save only themselves, at any cost.

While compelled by their interests, pollution driven into the earth puts the planet at risk for deadly disasters that threaten to tear it apart and threaten the stability of an ordered system. Hope for the future rests with a group of diverse teens genetically engineered before birth and chosen from around the world to save earth and its people.

Our heroes must choose between the rules made by those in power and moral obligations to the planet and its people.

CHOSEN Press Release 6.22.16 – Download PDF here – Chosen-Book-Press-Release-Author A. Bernette 6.22.16 – Atlanta-FormerBeautyQueen

CHOSEN Release Flyer (PDF) –Chosen Debut Sci-Fi Novel Flyer

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