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CHOSEN Characters and Attire

In anticipation of the CHOSEN Launch Party on August 27th at 5:30pm here are details for the Theme: Who’s Your Chosen Character

There are a host of characters in Chosen from adults to the teens who’ve been chosen and genetically engineered to save the earth. Which character are you?

The Chosen (in order of age from oldest to youngest)

Ren – Strong, masculine, loyal, and a fighter who is misunderstood. He will defend his loved ones and himself. Birth Region: Northern Allegiance

Alexis – Smart, confident and secure with the gift of persuasion. She’s willing to try new things and take risks. Birth Region: Australia

Marco – Handsome, intelligent, big-hearted. He’s charming with an ego to match. Birth Region: Southern Allegiance

Delia – Inquisitive nature but hesitant to express her questions or stress those she loves. She’s an empath who doesn’t want to be cause of trouble but feels deeply and is both brave and strong. Birth Region: Southern Liberty

Lyn – Agile and quiet. She has lost much of who she thought she was and must learn to trust again. Her gift is feeling vibration. Birth Region: Eastern Way

Stella – Creative, talkative, and curious with the gift of intuition. She thinks freely and believes in doing what’s right for the greater good. Birth Region: Antarctica

Stephen – Socially awkward, but caring, with genius level processing. His twin sister, Stella, is his rock. Birth Region: Antarctica



Zura – Leads the team of ARC Scientists and Researchers. Strong, smart, and no-nonsense with a guilty conscious. As a mom and leader of the ARC she must balance demands. Home Region: Southern Liberty

Mave – Sassy, smart, enlightened, and sensitive. Mave plays a critical role as a Keeper in ensuring the Chosen fulfill their mission. As such, she sacrifices personal fulfillment in her own life. Home Region: Eastern Way

Johan – Scientist and Engineer on ARC, Zura’s husband and Unity partner. He wears many hats and must ensure that the demands of UniCorps and the World Consensus for a secondary, equally important programs are met. Home Region: Northern Liberty

Rupert – Scientist and Data Analyst on ARC. He started and stayed because of Mave. A smart, competent, man with honor who tries to give back and do good when possible. Home Region: Southern Allegiance

Ms. C – Lyn’s mother. She understands deeply and must prepare her daughter for the coming mission. Home Region Eastern Way

Canson – Teacher and one of the Keepers, responsible for guiding Alexis and Marco. Home Region: Australia

Dr. Lima – Brilliant Scientist and Researcher who developed the serum that each of the Chosen received before birth. She is a Director at the University of Santoria where she continues in the role of a Lead Keeper and communicates with the Earth Council. Home Region: Southern Allegiance

Gregor – World Consensus Representative at global level. Helped push through the pumping program and must now come to terms with its effects. Home Region: Not Applicable. Lives and works under World Consensus

Silver – World Consensus Representative at global level. Long-time ally of Gregor Magiro who may not speak often, but when she does it is meaningful. Home Region: Not Applicable. Lives and works under World Consensus

The Stache – Lobbyist for UniCorps who works The Capital City. Aggressive, demanding, and demeaning he is accustomed to getting the outcomes he wants and his goal is to keep UniCorps in the best financial position. Home Region: Northern Liberty

Mylar – Admiral General and second in charge of the Security, Enforcement, and Protection Agency (military). He is adamant that the interests of UniCorps and the World Consensus be the first priority. Home Region: Not Applicable. Lives and works under World Consensus

Kim – Ren’s mother. Wracked with guilt and protective of her son who received the first, imperfect, treatment of serum. Home Region: Northern Allegiance


ATTIRE: Navy, Black, and Grey Cargo Pants, combat style boots, matching button down shirts, polo shirts, or t-shirts. Para-adults and below would typically wear t-shirts or polo shirts. Adults would typically wear polo shirts or button down shirts. Attire for professional meetings would allow for basic pants or skirts in the uniform colors.

World Consensus leaders have a ‘dress’ uniform that includes a button down shirt in either blue or grey shimmer fabric and